what is triggering someone



Do I Trigger You?

What is triggering someone? Do I trigger you?

Because, honestly, the way I show up now, would have triggered the fuck out of me 6 years ago!!

Internally, I would have compared, judged, shamed, feeling unsettled & ruffled & ‘less than’ witnessing the way I dance half-naked, touching my body, the vulnerable posts, the poetry, all of it.

And you know why?

Because deep down, those parts of me, the parts that desired to be fully expressed, liberated, free in my body, in love with my body, empowered enough to own my vulnerability &my imperfections, THOSE parts were BEGGING to be seen, heard, felt & unleashed. Yet I was shaming them within me.

Those parts would have been triggered, and they were. I wasn’t living in my full expression, owning my sexuality, connected to my sensuality. I wasn’t loving myself…

That person was mirroring back to me the parts that were within me that I had lost sight of, forgotten about or pushed so deep down by social & patriarchal conditioning that I barely knew they existed.

Deep down, I wanted to embody the exact thing that was triggering the fuck out of me.

Often as a coach, we either inspire & spark within others the parts of themselves that they wish to embody & serve as inspiration. Or we can, through our embodiment, trigger the parts of yourself that you’ve not been willing to see. In turn, you project judgement & criticism onto us.

And look, it may just be that my energy isn’t resonant & that is okay. It is so important that you choose to work with someone that you resonate with. However, it is important to address how people make you feel & ask the question, what is it inside of you that is begging to be seen THROUGH the reflection of that person?



Do I Trigger You?

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