wild woman archetype



There is a Wild Woman Who Lies Within You

The wild woman within.

The wild woman lies dormant within you,






Dying to be unleashed.

Liberated from the constraints of what a woman ‘should be.’

Locked within a prison of her own body, breaking loose from the fiery flames of the internal hell she has been forced to live within

Suffocated by the smoke of the women burnt before her.

The women who were “too much”

The women who lived Untamed and unafraid…

Unafraid of their true power,

Untameable, roaming wild and free

Living, in harmony, authenticity, unity.

The women connected to the earth, to the magic that lies within and without.

Breathing into the softness of their wombs, guided solely by their heart,

Yet ferocious and feral when what they love is torn apart.

This woman, wild and alive,

Lives within you.

She lives and breathes with your beating heart,

The echo of her call, getting louder and louder.

Howling at the moon.

Howling at the stars.

Calling for liberation,

Calling for expression,

It will not disappear.

It will not be silenced.

It will simply become unbearable until you have no house but to break free.

To run wild with wolves, to swim naked in the ocean, to live in your purpose,

Asking permission from no one.

She is there,

Watching you,


Her piercing gaze, penetrating

A new breed of Wild, shining in her eyes.



There is a Wild Woman Who Lies Within You

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