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turning pain into purpose

Some of my most profound growth and deepest learning have come from places of pain and intense darkness. At the moment, life may feel uncertain. It may feel scary. We are walking into the unknown. To willingly step into the unknown can shake you to your very core. We can find ourselves in a space […]

Turning Pain into Purpose

self reflection

During periods of isolation throughout 2020 I often found myself deep in thought about what it all means. Reflecting on what we are being shown. What is our outer world is reflecting back to us? What we are being asked to take note of? After all, our outer world is a reflection of our inner […]


I am so grateful to feel.     To feel so deeply.     These past few months I have laughed, danced, cried (A LOT- it’s almost a daily occurrence now.), felt heart wrenching pain, encompassing rage, confusion, frustration, joy, passionate anger and deep, deep love and appreciation.     I am grateful for it all. Every single […]

My Story…

Allow me to introduce myself, for any newcomers to my page & also for old friends. Many of you may have been along for the wild ride that has been my Insta-life for a while, filled with travel to exotic locations as a model, as a makeup artist & an ambassador. I am beyond grateful […]

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

personal journey

In 2016 I found myself on the banks of the Lago Di Argentina in Patagonia, barefoot, walking into the water, praying to God, BEGGING to feel something, anything. I like to refer to it as my Eat Pray Love moment. Calling out to a power higher than me, asking for guidance, for connection, hoping something […]

My Journey

lara raybone

Lara Raybone is an international self-love and embodiment coach from the U.K., who specialises in guiding womxn into self-love and liberation, through embodiment practices and feminine movement. She specialises in playing with the polarity of masculine and feminine energy rituals and routines to rebuild and rediscover who you are. Modalities that Lara explored on her […]

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