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how to journal

One of the habits I am most grateful for building is journaling. To journal my thoughts… To journal my feelings… To decipher how I am feeling when I don’t really know how I am feeling. It’s helped me to heal heartbreak. To unlock reasons for certain behaviour in myself and others. Helped me to understand. […]

Journaling Journey

learning to let go

There’s a full moon today where I find myself assessing, reassessing and letting go. Letting go of toxic attachments… Letting go of limiting beliefs… Letting go of anything that no longer serves me… One of the toughest things to do is to learn to feel comfortable in the art of letting go. We tend to […]

Learning to let go…

overcoming fears

When you let your head win the battle against your heart time after time again, you can start shutting yourself off to all of your dreams. You look at where you are in life one day and realise that the life you’re in, isn’t the life you’d necessarily dreamt for yourself. Then, the idea of […]

What are you running away from?

personal growth journey

Beyond the projections of the versions of yourself, you put out to the world… Who are you behind closed doors? When no one is looking? We wear many masks… A different version of ourselves exists through the eyes of each person we meet, encounter, enter into any form of relationship with… So how do you […]

How deeply are you willing to see yourself?

movement medicine

Get out of your head & into your body. It can be so easy to get stuck in your head, to overthink and to run things through your mind. Constantly analysing every possible outcome or consequence. When you really break it down, you start to realise that this doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t help, it […]


breaking the cycle

They say that we are creatures of habit. But only recently have I realised the extent to which we actually crave the safety and security inhabit. We develop habits to create that knowing, that safety, that security of life being predictable. Life is not predictable so we try to make it that way, to live […]

Breaking the Habit

personal reflections

It’s taken me a few days to settle into Bali life so these reflections are a little late to the party… 2019 for many, myself included was about clearing. Clearing and healing. And it was pretty intense. Lesson after lesson, coming up to the surface so it could be recognised, acknowledged, healed and cleared. It […]

Reflections on 2019

dealing with change

Change. Change is the only thing that we can count on.It is the only thing that is guaranteed in this life, that things will change. Yet it is something that most of us put up so much resistance to. We tell ourselves that the unknown is scary.We feel safe knowing what’s going to happen and […]

Dealing With Change

self exploration

Things took a huge shift for me in terms of my career path through my self-exploration journey. From modelling and hair and makeup to a healer and movement medicine woman! Seeds that had been planted along the way are now coming to fruition… What I am finding is that the things that are pulling me […]

Your Purpose Is Calling

coming home to yourself

I originally wrote this post in August 2020, but I find the lessons around coming home to yourself still ring true <3 What I am witnessing during these times of isolation is that people, in the silence, are coming back to themselves. My feed is bursting with family and friends exploring their creativity, their God […]

Coming Back to Self Through Introspection

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