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energy healing

2021 is the year that cracked me wide open… 2021 I felt my heart break what feels like 100 times and loved it back to life… 2021 is the year that I touched the depths of my being… 2021 is the year I experienced ecstatic bliss… 2021 is the year that brought me back to […]

Everything I Learned in 2021

attract financial abundance

2022 is a year for spiritual women making serious money, to attract financial abundance! Or I should say, *even more* women… Looking at my feed as 2021 came to a close, I was blown away and in deep reverence for the number of women I witnessed become millionaires & multi-millionaires through their devotion to their […]

Attracting and Claiming Financial Abundance

embodied feminine power

Embodiment, and your embodied feminine power, is so much more than feeling epic and sexy dancing in your underwear! While it can be that, yes, and that in itself is divine. To me, embodiment is a vibration. A transmission. An energy. A pure expression of what it is to be fully ALIVE. A pouring of […]

Embodied Feminine Power

signs of divine timing

Noticing the signs of divine timing is a conscious practice. God is always mapping out pathways and orchestrating routes for you. Your freedom to choose remains. But when we choose, when we make a choice, it is always what we need in that moment. Whether we choose the hard route or the easy route, we […]

You are always supported.

embodiment of feminine

When you empower yourself to embody your desires, To honour them fully. To devote to them, commit to them… To embody the King you’ve always dreamt of would save you. The moment you learn to hold your own feminine wild, in deep presence, reverence, commitment, is the moment you set yourself free. You realise you […]

Embodied Liberation

spiritual practices

Devotion to your practice, be it spiritual practices or otherwise. What we practice becomes our response. They do say, after all, that practice makes perfect. I believe we must take time to nourish our inner worlds. To explore our truth, our authentic expression. To embark upon a voyage of discovery to the crystal caverns and […]

Devotion is…

feminine and masculine energy

Feminine and masculine energy is a fine balance. Masculine without the feminine oracle is blind action. Feminine without the masculine is dreaming outside of reality. Harnessing the mesmerising magic of the divine feminine, her intuition, her creativity, her oracle as a guide. Anchoring the penetrating consciousness and depth of the divine masculine, his action, his […]

The Magnetism of Inner Union

self love practices

There are many self love practices I love, and encourage, but honouring my bleed has become one of my favourites. I LOVE getting my period. I always look forward to it. Since I came off of birth control two years ago, tracking my cycle, connecting to the ancient wisdom of my body and the power […]

The Beauty of Bleeding

feminine energy

Do you claim your deepest desires? Do you dare to go there? To peel back the layers of what you truly want? To delve ever closer to your feminine energy? How do you really want to live? How you are longing to feel? Let me ask you this? Do you allow your eyes, enamoured, to […]

Dearest Feminine Being

divine feminine embodiment

I see you, I hear you.I feel you. Are you willing to be seen? Fully? Are you willing to be vulnerable? Not just a little bit, but all the way vulnerable? To meet me there? I will stand with you. Hold you. So you feel safe to feel your fullness. So that next time, you […]

Are You Willing to Be Seen?

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